Thursday, July 30, 2009

PBP005: DYS - Andspyrna

Melodic anarchopunk. Dark, yet upbeat and hopeful. Think Rudimentary Peni and Brother Inferior although they have distinct Icelandic sound to them that's hard to describe. Includes a remastered version of their first CD, Ísland Brennur.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

PBP003: TENTACLES OF DOOM - Dansað við lík

A brand new EP by post punks TENTACLES OF DOOM. Distorted, dark and melodic the way god intended post punk to be. 6 songs recorded on a cassette 4-track in their rehearsal space.

This is what I had to say in a different place about their first ep/demo.

I may be a bit biased as this band includes one of my best friends and some of the most wonderful people I know. But even so, this is probably the best Icelandic "demo" I have ever heard. Gothic post punk with a surf vibe to it. Very heavy on the Wipers influence but they wear it well. I can´t wait for their next release.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dead Zeppelin is the first EP in a two part series. 5 songs which mix 80's punk with 90's indie rock. Think Husker Du, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth etc. Both melodic and noisy.

It is no secret that DEATH METAL SUPERSQUAD has been one of my favorite locals bands since its inception. They stand out in the Icelandic scene with their raw, warm, energetic and somewhat melancholic take on mid tempo driven punk rock. Their ability to incorporate different influences and at the same time pay homage to some of their favorite bands while delivering all that with their own minimalistic yet gut-wrenching twist. The trio has in the past reminded me of acts like Leatherface, Small Brown Bike, No Hope For The Kids, The Observers, Small Brown Bike, Manifesto Jukebox to name but few, so there is no wonder why I hold them in such a high regard. With sincere and relatable lyrics - pretty much every song hits close to home.
I'm always anxious when these guys come out with something new and their newest outing, Dead Zeppelin is one of this year's releases I'm looking most forward listening to. All this being said, one can rarely say to have these guys figured out, because they like to experiment too. If you've followed their myspace in the past, you'll know what I mean.
-Halifax Collect (